Billion Grains of Rice

by Fench

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Euphoria 03:48
verse 1 I get to feel like I'm not falling off the world today I get to feel like I can start to cry happily The darkening sky just got a lot less dark Cuz you went and made a passionate remark pre-chorus Possibly you may have opened a floodgate That I hadn't noticed before now October only comes once a year Now I'm gonna remember it forever chorus EUPHORIA verse 2 I get to have a need for wanting you today I get to know what it means to leave and still yet stay Doing nothing but thinking 'bout the situation at hand Despite all the anxiety in me still I make a stand pre-chorus Definitely piqued my interest Can't get over my self-conscience Running away until I bleed Last drops of life that I concede Just when I thought the only way To get myself in control today Looking out over the horizon view Just a little short from being askew Won't throw away rocks no more I don't want to miss what is in store
My New Page 04:45
According to, that which I find easy to follow According to, that which I can follow through So it's written in the Lines I read (crude instructions) They're all I need (to live) Council me, oh wise direction 'Til I break my mold Take my life and turn it around for me All my problems solved, they're written on a leaf Repeat the mantra 'til this word is bond Please finish your sentences, so I can turn over My new page
chorus Move the color all around When I get tired of makin' a sound Move the color all around Be it white...or the dark of night verse 1 Playing around with pretty melodies Can get you pretty far Like a bird in a tree in a scene from life It always brings me down verse 2 Anger burns red And envy burns hot Ashes left all alone Swirling embers get brought back together I can see my future now
verse 1 So, I went to the doctor There’s something wrong with me Hope I find an elixir To set me free But he said there was nothing to do And nothing to see Gotta learn how to deal with life And me chorus But I want the anodyne To make me feel better So, I don’t have to feel anything anymore verse 2 So, I went to the preacher A place for me to atone They said to pray, down on my knees And I won’t feel so alone My words echo through the hall And fall to the floor I take my pain, my worries, my fear And head for the door chorus Still I want the anodyne To make me feel better So, I don’t feel anything anymore bridge One thing just delays it Another thing just betrays it A third thing just frays it Must I really explain? I don’t want to keep doing it But I gotta keep using it I know you will not approve of it Oh, my pleas are in vain chorus Still need some kind of anodyne To make me feel better So, I don’t feel anything anymore verse 3 So, I went to my friends And my family, too They got love, and they got wisdom To help me see this through They got substance that they won’t fake There ain’t no angle or ruse When all the other stuff may fail You know what to choose chorus Maybe I don’t need no anodyne To make me feel better So, I can feel everything once more
Chock Full 04:13
verse 1 There's a cool girl and a cool guy out in Chicago And she and he and I go to see Leo. She is named Georgia and he is named Charlene And they just shared a whole year for the country Cool, they're going to insure the whole plantation Leo, you fellows, don't worry, he's got it covered But he ain’t showing, and he ain't knowing So in the 101st year, she gonna share the whole leaflet chorus He's a big man With a big plan So she, she's gonna try shooting him She's a big man With a big plan So she, she's gonna try touching him verse 2 georgia had a vacation but it took south charlene and I and leo took a rest to where we'll go next, all of georgia know the bet transportation avenues of sweat at the least
Rover 03:07
verse 1 My dead dog came home again Fresh from another kill Ran mud out on the dusty trail We'll eat well again, tonight chorus Rover ain't like any dog you know Plain see-thru, except a bone He likes to play, likes to run Vanish in the morning sun
There's a cat on a hot tin roof And it's looking right at me Curly-Q, tail in a loop It's all that I can see Try to move, make my escape Its eyes follow my every step Claws drawn, teeth bared, locked in a stare I think it's bound to go down right now There's a dog on a flat tin roof Its fur as white as the snow Eyes wide, ears in the air How it got there, I don't know Trapped again, I look around Quiet pierced by a wicked growl A canine conflict rears its ugly head As the predator begins to howl
In My Room 03:57
verse 1 There's a candle on my nightstand And a place for my drink Curtains drawn forever So I can have some time to think chorus In my room there's a lot of things to see In my room what a great ol' place to be In my room there's a lot of pieces of me verse 2 Closets full of instruments Strings of an order or sort The savage beast that lives within Well, he needs to be soothed somehow bridge When I get weary, there's a bed under me When I get hungry, well, I guess I'll just have to leave When I get angry, the night can wash over me When I get lonely, I just stop and start again verse 3 The ground is brown and carpeted Ceiling's made of white stucco The walls are littered with keepsakes and lyrics and friends' photographs And the comfortable hum of the AC takes care of the aftermath
Strings 04:39
verse 1 Strum a chord, it’s real Feel the steel beneath my fingertips Reverberate the walls Play a note, play another one String 'em together in a row Perforate the air verse 2 Rhythm’s fast, rhythm’s slow Keep the beat, don’t lose it My breath rises and falls Up and down along the strings The metal shines and the sound it rings Sound emerges and the power surges chorus Am I going too fast for you? Am I going too slow for you? break Up and down along the strings
Lovedust 03:22
One day the sun will explode Everyone you know will be unknown All memories disappear Remnants of particles lost at sea I take a little of me and add it to all of you You get it consequence-free Break off some parity I take a little part of you and add it to all of me Tiny specks of nothing stuff But combined they burn intensely Deny your maker It's OK to forsake her


Tasteful, inordinate, and, most importantly, inanimate binary data posing as emotional support.


released November 29, 2020


all rights reserved



Fench San Diego, California

Pretty self-explanatory, really.

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